Our Oils

Our oils are ethically sourced. We purchase in bulk direct from the manufacturers in different countries, therefore keeping our costs low. These savings we pass on to you. All these manufacturers engage in comprehensive testing for purity, batch by batch. We work closely with these organisations, confirming all aspects of essential oil quality. We promise that what is on the label always corresponds to what our customers receive.

We always suggest, when you receive your oils, to always store them in a cool dark area as much as possible. For those you keep in the kitchen area , just keep out of direct sunlight, & direct heat.

The oils should last from 2-10 years depending on the oil and on how they are stored.

Citrus oils will not last as long as the woody oils, although, some essential oils actually get better with age.

In producing essential oils, the methods used to extract them are time-consuming, expensive and require a high degree of expertise. The amount of oil obtained from the plant is often minuscule. For example it takes 20kgs of fresh lavender flowers to produce just over one litre of essential oil. It takes 5 metric tons of rose petals to make that same one litre of oil! Or 3,000 lemons to produce just 1 litre of essential oil. This is why certain oils like Rose as an example, can be extremely expensive. For these reasons, we at Bradfield & Durham International take the essential oil business very seriously. We continually research the market to source the best oils we can. Our large volume of purchases direct from the manufacturers, mean we can pass on great savings. We are not involved in any multi-level marketing, which many of the large suppliers of essential oils are.

A great book below that  I recommend if you are new to Essential oils, is by Valerie Ann Worwood.


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