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About Us

Welcome To Bradfield & Durham International

My name is Paul Bradfield, and for 20 years I developed & spearheaded a Natural Pet care company throughout Australasia. My health and grooming products were all chemical-free, utilising the magical properties of essential oil & herbs. Along with my wife, Victoria Bradfield, a recently retired High School English teacher, we have developed this range with quality products & price in mind, offering affordable products.

My expertise in this area, led me to embrace the use of oils in other areas: like cooking, healthcare & perfumery.

These days we are all more interested in what is natural and sustainable, so using essential oils naturally appeals. In my own cooking, I would not return to using herbs and spices when I can use oils instead, due to wastage incurred, seasonal unavailability, & short shelf-life. Essential oils incur none of these problems. They’re easy and a pleasure to use, lasting pretty much indefinitely.

An advocate of Asian cooking, I have long found the inclusion of Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime essential oils to be brilliant additions. There is just no substitute when savouring fragrant, tasty gastronomic delights.

So.. in recent years I have developed the concept of “Essential Oils for Life,” as I believe we can include these in many aspects of our lives, replacing the harmful, dubious chemicals we use daily. The pure uplifting aromas derived from essential oils, contribute to well being and positive outlook, for ourselves and for those around us.

Possible uses include: fragrant diffuses, perfumes, cooking ingredients, baking, healthcare, cleaning products, flea treatment…. the list is endless. Save money & have fun at the same time.

Is it safe to cook with essential oils?

Yes. The overwhelming evidence is that it can indeed be safe to cook with essential oils, as long as you know which ones to use. After all, the food industry uses them (and we’ve all already consumed them that way), the FDA regards them as a safe food additive, and even many conservative aromatherapists actively promote flavouring recipes with them.These oils are present in many things we purchase & consume, like an Orange-flavoured chocolate which will contain Orange essential oil.

The absolute purity & clarity of essential oils, is one major advantage in cooking, as are the antioxidants, and antimicrobial. They are helpful in digestion, especially in relation to meats, & they are more beneficial than using artificial flavourings.

Look around the supermarket. You will see many products that contain essential oils in both organic and conventional products. They are listed as ingredients in a wide range of consumable goods, from lemonade, flavoured iced teas, flavouring extracts, breath mints, frozen dinners, and candies.

My suggestions are: become knowledgeable, read up on the benefits, form your own opinions, embrace essential oils. Two books I do recommend which come with free delivery worldwide: My favorite would be,“The Complete Book of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy, by Valerie Wormwood” Or Healthy Cooking with Essential Oils,” by Rebecca Park Titilo.


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